Why AlDub and KalyeSerye are More Socially Relevant Than All Other Issues

Many have questioned my blog on the now certified global phenomenon KalyeSerye and the AlDub pair. Some call it condescending, others call it inane, most were just naysayers who wanted to be negative about it.

It’s fine and my posts are always open to comments from any side as long as they are civil and proper.

But now I feel a need to write once more about the AlDub phenom because many question the values I presented the first time.

The Filipino nation is a very family oriented nation. We give exclusive importance to who and what are inside our homes that those outside seem to be a distant and unnecessary concern.

One analysis described us as more a Reprivate of the Philippines rather than the Republic of the Philipines because to 99% of us, our private lives will come before anything else.

In fact we are so private centered that we intentionally create a huge extended family so we can have our way all the time. These members of our extended family, kumpares, bayaws, hipag, bilas and the sort, are mostly picked from the more influential side of society so there is someone to protect our personal interests.

It comes from our history of village life, clannish and very protective of our immediate neighbors. Our history shows how we as a nation formed from multiple societies who are very protective of their members.

What I described above is the negative development of this clannish thinking suddenly thrust into a free and democratic society.

AlDub and the KalyeSerye shows us the positive side of being clannish and protective. It reminds us of the goodness of being Filipino instead of the harsh reality we have today.

What Lola Nidora teaches Maine and Alden are the virtues of old that ensured a solid relationship. Not the frivolous kind we have today that ends up in single parent households.

The show also teaches the virtue of respect and proper adherence to morals and values. Listening to the wisdom of our elders, following without questioning, working for what we want instead of feeling entitled to having them, these are virtues we have forgotten in the mad rush of day to day living and the insane need to climb the ladder of success.

Juan for All, the Eat Bulaga segment that started it all shows charity and community involvement. Allowing our neighbors to be involved in the activities and developments in our community allows positive progress and security.

There are more and I am sure our readers can enumerate ten times more than what I have logged here. But the fact remains that there is more to gain watching KalyeSerye than the value killing telenovelas the big networks churn out on a daily basis.

And I believe there is more to learn watching AlDub than listening to the trash and dribble our politicians serve us everyday. Because if more shows that follow the general line of script of AlDub are made, I believe there would be a more positive swing in our lives.

Because by imbibing the lessons and values of this series and applying them to our daily lives, we would learn to pick better leaders who pursue the same values we carry.

Because by choosing leaders who have the same values we are now picking from the sermons of Lola Nidora, we have a chance of improving our ways and our nations future.

Our leaders reflect who we are as a nation. We really do deserve the leaders we choose because it was our collective decisions. And our culture springs from the basest of community, and that is the family.

If those premise are true, and all studies says they are, then our family is the seed of all our problems and until we learn to change that, then we are doomed to doing things over and over.

The KalyeSerye series now becomes important because it influences the family. It sends goodness into the minds of those who watch it and may, for a while, allow the nation to go back to the wonderful ways of old.

And if we keep doing more of these kind of shows, influencing our nation to a more positive outlook, educating our people to do the right things, then we may be on to a good thing.

This is what makes KalyeSerye more socially relevant than any other issue today. All other problems will take time to solve. They will all take a re-education of the nation. And televisions is the strongest influencer of all, the best educator.

If we only use the formula of AlDub, how they pinch the emotion of the nation, lead their imagination, touch their hearts and make them follow then we may have solved half of our problems.

One broadcast executive once told us point blank “the viewers do not tell us what they want to watch, we tell them what to watch.”

Guess what they feed us before AlDub? And guess how they try to take the spotlight from the KalyeSerye?

Einstein was claimed to have once said “insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result!”

That is what the competition is trying to do. It is the same thing we, as a nation have been trying to do by voting in the same people again and again.

Eat Bulaga stumbled onto something totally new and radically different. They decided to run with it, gambled by changing a winning charity format (Juan for All) and created KalyeSerye. Now see the fruits they are reaping.

So yes, KalyeSerye and AlDub is socially more relevant than all other issues because if used right and widespread, it has the potential to change how the Filipino thinks and acts.

And with that positive change, all other issues can be readily addressed, together, hand in hand, through good and bad, by hard work.

Just like Alden and Maine.


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