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I am reprinting this in my blog-site. I don’t know why I am doing this but if anyone can make Noynoy Aquino go to this old man, he would have done a very good deed – so it goes—- Excuse … Continue reading

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The Senate and Live Coverages

Truly the age of information and technology is a boon and a bane. When we can see in real time how our elected leaders spend their time inside their august halls, it profits us to know if we made the … Continue reading

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Alaska-nator on Late Night Show

Yep, it is a parody of the Filipino term “alaska” which means “to make fun of.” That is the title of my segment on Jojo A. All The Way aired every Wednesday on TV5. Jojo Alejar’s show is on daily … Continue reading

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Buying His Dream

I read somewhere how Manny Villar was heard answering the question “how do you intend to recover the money you are spending right now?” His answer is a revelation on his real intention if he wins and becomes the next President … Continue reading

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Yes I am that. Hard as it is to accept, I am a Facebook addict! But before I go on, let me define addiction so we are not lost in this blog – An addiction is an obsession, compulsion, or … Continue reading

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Political Black Propaganda on SMS

While we are all viewing sweet and kind political ads, my mobile phone is being bombarded by black propaganda SMS against every candidate imaginable. This made me look at all those political jingle and tv ads as such hypocritical mumbo-jumbo … Continue reading

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Guns and Road Rage

Monday morning all saw us watching on morning television the raid and eventual shooting and arrest of Jason Aguilar Ivler. He was caught in his mother’s house after two months of continuous manhunt. Ivler is not your typical Filipino criminal … Continue reading

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