Why AlDub and KalyeSerye are More Socially Relevant Than All Other Issues

Many have questioned my blog on the now certified global phenomenon KalyeSerye and the AlDub pair. Some call it condescending, others call it inane, most were just naysayers who wanted to be negative about it.

It’s fine and my posts are always open to comments from any side as long as they are civil and proper.

But now I feel a need to write once more about the AlDub phenom because many question the values I presented the first time.

The Filipino nation is a very family oriented nation. We give exclusive importance to who and what are inside our homes that those outside seem to be a distant and unnecessary concern.

One analysis described us as more a Reprivate of the Philippines rather than the Republic of the Philipines because to 99% of us, our private lives will come before anything else.

In fact we are so private centered that we intentionally create a huge extended family so we can have our way all the time. These members of our extended family, kumpares, bayaws, hipag, bilas and the sort, are mostly picked from the more influential side of society so there is someone to protect our personal interests.

It comes from our history of village life, clannish and very protective of our immediate neighbors. Our history shows how we as a nation formed from multiple societies who are very protective of their members.

What I described above is the negative development of this clannish thinking suddenly thrust into a free and democratic society.

AlDub and the KalyeSerye shows us the positive side of being clannish and protective. It reminds us of the goodness of being Filipino instead of the harsh reality we have today.

What Lola Nidora teaches Maine and Alden are the virtues of old that ensured a solid relationship. Not the frivolous kind we have today that ends up in single parent households.

The show also teaches the virtue of respect and proper adherence to morals and values. Listening to the wisdom of our elders, following without questioning, working for what we want instead of feeling entitled to having them, these are virtues we have forgotten in the mad rush of day to day living and the insane need to climb the ladder of success.

Juan for All, the Eat Bulaga segment that started it all shows charity and community involvement. Allowing our neighbors to be involved in the activities and developments in our community allows positive progress and security.

There are more and I am sure our readers can enumerate ten times more than what I have logged here. But the fact remains that there is more to gain watching KalyeSerye than the value killing telenovelas the big networks churn out on a daily basis.

And I believe there is more to learn watching AlDub than listening to the trash and dribble our politicians serve us everyday. Because if more shows that follow the general line of script of AlDub are made, I believe there would be a more positive swing in our lives.

Because by imbibing the lessons and values of this series and applying them to our daily lives, we would learn to pick better leaders who pursue the same values we carry.

Because by choosing leaders who have the same values we are now picking from the sermons of Lola Nidora, we have a chance of improving our ways and our nations future.

Our leaders reflect who we are as a nation. We really do deserve the leaders we choose because it was our collective decisions. And our culture springs from the basest of community, and that is the family.

If those premise are true, and all studies says they are, then our family is the seed of all our problems and until we learn to change that, then we are doomed to doing things over and over.

The KalyeSerye series now becomes important because it influences the family. It sends goodness into the minds of those who watch it and may, for a while, allow the nation to go back to the wonderful ways of old.

And if we keep doing more of these kind of shows, influencing our nation to a more positive outlook, educating our people to do the right things, then we may be on to a good thing.

This is what makes KalyeSerye more socially relevant than any other issue today. All other problems will take time to solve. They will all take a re-education of the nation. And televisions is the strongest influencer of all, the best educator.

If we only use the formula of AlDub, how they pinch the emotion of the nation, lead their imagination, touch their hearts and make them follow then we may have solved half of our problems.

One broadcast executive once told us point blank “the viewers do not tell us what they want to watch, we tell them what to watch.”

Guess what they feed us before AlDub? And guess how they try to take the spotlight from the KalyeSerye?

Einstein was claimed to have once said “insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result!”

That is what the competition is trying to do. It is the same thing we, as a nation have been trying to do by voting in the same people again and again.

Eat Bulaga stumbled onto something totally new and radically different. They decided to run with it, gambled by changing a winning charity format (Juan for All) and created KalyeSerye. Now see the fruits they are reaping.

So yes, KalyeSerye and AlDub is socially more relevant than all other issues because if used right and widespread, it has the potential to change how the Filipino thinks and acts.

And with that positive change, all other issues can be readily addressed, together, hand in hand, through good and bad, by hard work.

Just like Alden and Maine.

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The AlDubbing of this car nut

imageI am a newsman by training, educated in marketing management and economics and a motoring hack in passion.

Before this week, local television was banned from my home except the news because I did not see anything worthwhile for my son and I to watch.

Those gyrating women, pretentious hunks, offensive gay jokes and stupid game shows was just not something I want my son to grow up to so I refused to expose him to it.

Then people started pestering me about this AlDub thing. They say it is hilarious, the jokes are wholesome and the lessons on relationships, love and the old Filipino culture is very timely.

I did not believe them. When I left ABS-CBN, most shows were being produced by obnoxious gay people (as opposed to upright gay friends) that the programs were too bad for my tastes.

In fact, even GMA 7 had a string of unpalatable shows that I really thought our entertainment culture on the boob tube was spiraling down the pits of hell.

Talk about shows like The Other Woman, My Husbands Lover and other shows that promotes the evil of society instead of the good and you get what I mean.

Or game shows like Pinoy Henyo where stupidity is the leading man and ignorance the leading lady.

But because of 3.7 million Tweets on one day I decided to take a peek. I got that plywood episode and I thought it was quite humorous in a good way.

I watched a few more intermittently and then I saw myself wanting to know more. So I watched some more.

Today, find it entertaining. It promotes values and morals I want my child to learn. AlDub teaches the value of a good foundation in a relationship.

But more than anything, I saw in it the blossoming of affection between two former strangers caught in the whirlwind of showbiz.

Showbiz, that very place where falsity and pretentiousness is the lifeblood of all players. Where one has to be someone he is not in order to succeed.

And here are two people slowly falling in love for real because of the situation they accidentally fell into.

I watched the first episodes on YouTube. And there is saw that Maine Mendoza really was attracted to Alden Richards. Some form of love at first sight if you would put it that way.

Alden was playing coy then. A showbiz animal, he was playing the part. But as the show progressed day to day you could see the change in him.

Add to this the other elements of the show.

Lola Nidora, played by, erstwhile sex fiend, Wally Bayola dishing out morality like the old sentries of virginity of old. She kept the two apart. And when I say apart I literally mean physically away from each other.

Vic Sotto and Joey de Leon playing pranksters and hecklers, not realizing that they were becoming instrumental in the developing love story.

The crowd of the now called KalyeSerye who egged the two on and on. Cheering and crying with them through all their trials and jubilation.

And finally the TV audience who began following them like the adulating fans that they were.

Suddenly we are watching true love on national television. Something so true and pure has been delivered to a nation wallowing in lies and corruption, led by insincere politicians and big business that continuously fail to deliver proper service.

Suddenly something real is available daily. And if the two are acting they are doing a very good job at it because even to a cynic like me, they have the look of two people truly in love.

What could have possibly created this situation? What magic was at work that infinite passion is so real and palpable suddenly on the tube.

I think the old ways of Lola Nidora sparked this reality of reality shows. Alden having to work hard to get a glimpse of someone he could have had had it been a regularly produced show. Maine needing to control her passion and not give in to her baser desires.

In a world of texting, sexting and eyeballing for immediate gratification, this form of courtship is insane, unacceptable and yet so very titillating to the higher senses.

Any accomplishment that allows any form of contact becomes a major success. A smile, the movement of a finger, eye contacts are so electrifying because of the promise behind it but so far from becoming real.

This is how true passion is developed. It is how a marriage of 55 years begins. It is the way my parents ended up together.

And this is why it is a hit.

Even Vic and Joey would be hard pressed to point this out when asked because they are too close to the action.

Only a nation deprived of such sincerity can feel the electricity of it all. And yes, a nation bombarded with bad news of traffic jams, high power rates and commodity prices, inept government service will catch the tingle of truth.

It is refreshing to see innocence. Yes innocence. For Alden because he could have his way with any girl he wishes to but could not fathom this attraction he has for Maine. And why he is compelled to suffer his fate the way he does.

For Maine because she is after all an outsider from showbiz suddenly thrust into global limelight. And believe you me, AlDub is now a global phenomenon.

How long will this little game be played? Will it end like fairy tales do in “forever after?” Or will real life catch up and teach them bitter lessons too?

Me, I am hopeful. Hopeful that the trials and lessons Alden goes through etches the love he developed for Maine deep in his heart of hearts and keeps that fire burning forever.

Hopeful for Maine that the restraint she exercised teaches her that love is more than just the physical and continues on to a lifetime of joy.

It will not be roses everyday for the lovebirds if they choose that path. But it would be worth all the time and effort they spent when the prize is finally in their clasped hands.

And I personally choose to watch the love story from the vantage point of innocence, because it awakens feelings in me I thought long dead, murdered by life and experience.

This car nut has admittedly been AlDubbed and he feels grateful for the return of his emotions.


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3-E’s and D of Traffic

imageDear Government Agency that is supposed to fix Metro Manila Traffic, I understand your predicament.

The metropolis is now over capacity in both population and building structures that vehicular clogging is an obvious result of this congestion.

However, there are steps you can actually take to at least mitigate if not totally eradicate traffic jams in Metro Manila. The HPG has done one part of the job so it’s not like it can’t be done.

Besides, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Hong Kong and even London have existing studies that allowed them to address a formerly unruly traffic congestion situation. We don’t have to reinvent the wheel, we simply have to pick up the book and review them. You know? Like going back to school?

But if you are too lazy to study, then let me give you the 3-E’s and D of traffic management that you can probably consider in your transcendental soul search for the cure of our traffic woes.

Here it goes Grasshopper:

1. Education – yes, we begin your lesson with education. It is the most basic in this allegedly civilized world of ours.

In order to follow the rules, we need to learn what they are. That means actually teaching every driver on the road what the rules are for driving.

The easiest part of learning to drive is operating the machine. It is like telling a child how to use a can opener. What we do wrong with driving is we forget to teach the child not to touch the sharp end. And there is where all our troubles begin.

In our culture, 95% of drivers learned to drive from their old family driver or the neighborhood jeepney driver. Guess what? They have no idea about the rules and courtesy of driving.

We need proper driving schools from institutions like America’s Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) or the Japanese National Police Agency Traffic Bureau (NPATB) who drill every driving rule into the brains of every applicant for a drivers license. No license is issued if they do not go through a stringent education from these agencies.

As for the rules and regulations and how to do them? I tell you pamphlets and books are scattered all over these offices for the taking. All you guys need to do is include a trip to these offices in one of your junkets and get the literature and replicate them here. No need to study them! They are created so Kindergarten kids can understand them. Question is, can you?

2. Enforcement – this is where the HPG showed how embarrassingly inutile the MMDA enforcers have become. MMDA enforcers wave like movie stars, HPG enforces traffic rules.

No, we don’t need to legislate new traffic rules. We simply have to enforce the existing ones. There is what is called the “Vienna Convention on Road Traffic” used quite successfully by the world’s most congested cities and if works for them, why do we have to create our own.

Anyone remember Subic and how everyone follows traffic rules there? They use the global standard of traffic laws and everyone follows them. Guess what their secret is? ENFORCEMENT!!!!

3. Engineering – yes, in a civilized world, there is an engineering solution to most structural problems.

More roads? Yes, but not the stupid way of putting one on top of the old one, this just takes the space of the lower level. Look at Taft, SLEX, C5 Elevated U Turn and more.

Find new places outside the old roads. Expatriate land if needed, you are the government, use your right of imminent domain. You got problems with real estate cost? Use their tax declarations as basis. Be creative, you guys are creative enough when it comes to our taxes.

Build more bridges! Did you ever realize that one of the main cause of our traffic jams is because Metro Manila is divided into North and South by the Pasig River? And how many bridges cross the Pasig River? Four! There, I can see some light shining in your thick skull.

Build better train and railway systems. I tell you I don’t mind taking the MRT or LRT or PNR if they were only presentable and efficient. And please, manage the deployment of the buses. In fact take over public transportation already.

And finally!

4. Decongest – guys, Metro Manila is bursting at the seams and we can’t seem to stop building inside it. I just saw the new FTI complex sold to a real estate developer who will put more condominiums and malls and housing in an area where traffic never ends.

That place is right beside SLEX! A virtual parking lot at predictable times of day and a turtle track at other times. And you plan to put up another CBD right there! Was Makati, Ortigas, Cubao, Sta, a Rosa and Bonifacio Global City not enough lessons already?

Decentralize the government and send Manila migrants back home. I can’t seem to grasp the logic of selling a hectare of land in the Visayas or Isabela to become a squatter in Metro Manila.

Send the businesses outside Metro Manila. Build better airports and seaports outside Manila. Make people stay where they are by making them progressive there. I tell you traffic will eventually go there and not as bad as what we have here.

So there! I hope I did not bore you and I am sure you already know this. I am just repeating it for your, and our, benefit.

If you wish for more detailed information try Googling Hong Kong Study for Traffic Solution, Solving LA’s Carmagedon and the Tokyo Traffic Solution. I got these information there.

Yours truly,

Pinoy Mater

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How Iglesia Ni Cristo Took Down Poe and Binay and Raised De Lima

imageWhen Senator Grace Poe and Vice President Jejomar Binay took the side of the Iglesia ni Cristo horde in last weeks Metro Manila rallyemageddon, they actually thought the widespread disapproval of the Aquino government would garner them political points from not only the INC but the overall Filipino public.

What these two did not realize was that the advent of social media meant a more intelligent public engaged in a more thoughtful discourse.

Yes, there were still the crass and bastos posts. But I would like to look at these as exasperated reactions to a frustrating situation.

They are trapped in a 5-6 hour traffic jam caused by people who have a beef against the government but they have nothing to do with it. They just want to go home and rest, but the horde would not let them do that.

They want their government to do something and the people they expected to call out the government and take their side, Poe and Binay, against a widely perceived unpopular administration, takes the side of the horde.

So they post their frustration on social media.

Many are angry. Most have reached the spilling point of their patience. Everyone not part of the INC agrees it was improper, indecent and irresponsible for that religious organization to give everybody else grief. The millions of residents of Metro Manila rose up on social media to condemn the acts of the less that 20,000 people massed on EDSA.

And Poe and Binay did not see this. They played their cards like true trapos, pandering to the perceived current emotional tide not realizing it was a simple splash in a basin.

Social media showed what true and sincere actions can do to raise public approval.

12 hours before the INC rally, DOJ Secretary Leila De Lima was in the bottom 20 of the senatoriables for 2016. By Monday morning, social media was awash with approval and praises for De Lima. I will not be surprised if she tops the next survey as a senatorial candidate.

What was obvious was that people knew what was going on. Shouts and demands for “separation of church and state” from INC were met with questions of “what do you want” from those not members of the Iglesia.

The public began discussing the issue of “separation of church and state” on social media. An informed group of lawyers and legal experts started explaining the phrase. By Sunday, even church goers were studiously discussing it. It was all I could hear in the service.

And still, Poe and Binay refused to back down. They dug into their position, alienating them from the bigger electorate they needed to woe for next year.

Mar Roxas, was no better, but at least his pronouncement got a better reception and placed him in a more positive light. His inaction, though, caused people to compare this rally to rallies of the left where cops would be present with water cannons and truncheons.

Still, social media was a true gauge of people’s emotions that weekend. Where in the past De Lima would have been devoured by negative reaction, this past weekend showed support and approval. Her tough stand against lawlessness took the hearts of the public.

There is a lesson here for everyone, if they would only take pains to look for it.

For De Lima, the right moral stand can really boost her image, long tainted by her pandering to the wishes of her spoiled brat boss in Malacanang.

For Poe and Binay, the days of traditional politics are gone. Social media, the instantaneous communication of the public among themselves about issues that concern them, have made it impossible for politicians to make a fool of the electorate the way they used to.

For the Iglesia ni Cristo, might is not always right, and the show of force may only have led to the demise of the so-called INC block vote because a public challenged may opt to go against your choice. You are after all only 1.4 million against 98 million.

To Noynoy Aquino and his cabinet, the public now know what they want. 5-years of leadership by marketing campaign (daang matuwid, pag walang corrupt walang mahirap?) has made the Filipinos realize you were all talk. We are still mahirap, so you must be corrupt, is the reverse of your campaign. And it is killing you and your precious successor.

For Mar Roxas, it is now time to be your own self. Man up, be who you really are. Stop presenting a marketing image of yourself. You can continue Aquino’s line and still be yourself. Your position during the INC rally was well accepted, but you failed to follow through. As we are taught in sports, all actions need follow through, it is what completes the shot.

In essence, we are a maturing democracy, with people educating themselves about the leader they wish to follow. And if you are a leader like Poe and Binay, you will be left behind by the more dynamic kind.

Many will say we are at the pit of our existence as a nation and as a democracy. I choose to think we are at the tipping point. Our experience, frustration, exasperation and disappointment in our elected leaders now will soon teach us to look outside the box, to find those who are truly willing to serve us.

Not long ago, the Filipino masses would have joined the INC rally, lured by action fun and celebration. Now, they would rather rush home to their family and spend a long weekend with their kids.

I guess the INC failed to see this and thus incurred the wrath of the many. The leaders who chose order now look really good. And those politicians who took their side? They are now tainted until their most sacred day of reckoning, on May of 2016.

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What I Learned As A Single Parent for the last 10 Years

Over the past 10 years, after my wife decided that it was better for her to migrate to the USA and find another husband, I have raised my son alone. No other woman, no girlfriends, just me and my son.

Well, we did have one very loyal Yaya and overall help who took care of many of the daily details I would have missed if it was just me and my son. But in all it was me and Robbie, my son.

Now, I will not go guilt riding here or calling myself a victim. I have long ago realized and accepted that a relationship needed the work of two people, together, in harmony, to succeed, otherwise it just won’t.

I raised my son, Robbie, with the knowledge that I and her mother are separated, but that her mother loves her very much, as much as I do, and is doing everything to help raise him to be a good man.

I try to bring my son up without the guilt and bitterness and pressures of a broken up family. It is not easy. I most time find myself wanting to blame everything on my ex-wife when things get hard. Or sometimes get the urge to send my son to his mother so I can live my own life. I have for the most part resisted both temptation and continue to try and raise my son in as loving, caring, educational and religious manner as I can.

In these 10 years I have learned a few things, as a father who raises a son without a mother physically present. Robbie is now 13-years old and these are some of the things I know:

1. Pain is enduring, but it keeps us grounded and puts us in the right direction if we but harvest the lessons it provides us everyday. I always feel the pain of being abandoned and being alone. But I immediately remind myself that my son is my companion now whenever I feel alone. I look at him and realize that I have a chance here, a chance to correct a million mistakes I made and pass on to Robbie’s generation a different outlook on this kind of life. US statistics say more than half of marriage there end up in divorce. This means my son is not alone and he will not be the last. The same study says kids from these families tend to crime more than those from regular families (The Impact of Unilateral Divorce on Crime by Julio Cáceres-Delpiano and Eugenio Giolito March 2008). And I realize that the reason is the single parent passes the pain to their children. The kids grow up with so much anger from the single parent not knowing where it is coming from, so they too are angry and take it out in society, hence the life of crime. What I try to do everyday is to take the pain when it comes crashing in (and it will always come) and turn it into love.

2. Alone is relative. While we feel that we were left behind to fend for ourselves, we are not really alone. In my case, Ate Cris, the Yaya of Robbie who has been with me long before Robbie was born, became the third figure in our lives. It was Ate Cris who took the other parts of a mother I could not deliver. She cared for the house, the bills, Robbie’s hygiene and other private needs. Another US study shows that in divorced situations, other relatives tend to take the slack a missing parent creates. Grandmothers, aunts, cousins and even loyal help take the cudgels for the child to allow them to grow with the required balance of parenting (Children and Divorce at helpguide.org.) We are never alone or wanting, we simply tend to withdraw into a cocoon of fear and hate and take our child with us to this terrible place. I have been tempted many times to be in this place. In fact, at the start of my single parent life I was on self destruct mode, picking fights with whoever crosses my road. Until the day my son came home with an injury from school and I realized someone needed me to be alive and healthy so he himself can survive. I am not alone, there is someone else here with me who needs me, more than I need to cultivate my pain.

3. Love is the potion. Until I realized this I was full of anguish. Yes, I decided that I will raise Robbie properly, that I will turn him into a proper gentleman, that he will be what I never was. But at the beginning it was mostly because of the goal and had no emotion to it. Not until I began to feel the love I was unconsciously sending my son return to me a thousand fold did I realize this truth, that love, even in its most pretentious level, will return in a full force of emotion that engulfs our hearts and conquer us. It is the real medicine to any emotional upheaval. It will burn into any barrier and salve all pain with more love.

4. Actions are copied and words are useless. I teach my son many things, morals and lessons that should shape and remind him for when he grows up. But the reality is that he barely listens to these words. Robbie acts and talks the way I act and talk to him. He imitates how I am when he sees me. Robbie has never seen me violent, though I have been terribly so, and I do not see violence in him. I talk a lot at home and when with friends, and the basic issue of Robbie’s teachers is that he talks too much, to his classmates, his friends, his teachers. I sleep before midnight when home and wake up before 5am regularly, Robbie does so too. Our children, whether from a single parent family or otherwise, will imitate their parents, they may look like they are listening to our words, but I assure you they will imitate our actions. So my best solution is to act out our words.

5. And finally – Faith will keep us focused and centered. At a crucial time in my life raising my son, just when I was about to crash and burn, I walked into a bible class led by Cito Beltran. I was angry and wanted to lash out but what I heard that night seven years ago stunned me. Cito was talking about anger management and how the Bible addresses this evil issue. That group I walked into will eventually morph into what is now the Wednesday Pit Stop bible study group. Cito has long left the group as head and I seldom attend the meetings. But I have learned many things in those weekly sessions when I was a regular. And the core of my learning was that we all need to believe in something eternal. We all need to believe in God, the Almighty being. Because all our moral compass will be useless if we had nobody to answer to. And God is the ultimate of that moral compass. It is He who created us and waits for us to follow His will so we may join him in eternity. I believe in this as much as I believe the sun will rise in the morning, as a real fact.

Now, I am not saying my son will grow up to be the best because I learned these things. He is, after all, only 13 years old and is still a work in progress. Everyday I pray that what I do are the right things for my son. Every moment I watch myself because Robbie is watching me. And as a father I can only work and hope that I am raising a man in the truest sense of the word, one who will commit his own mistakes, learn from them and not repeat mine.

— Ira V. Panganiban

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Dear Papa Tex

It’s 2014 and I am now 51 years old. You would be 80 now I believe and still treat me like I am 12.

But no matter. I feel good everytime I hear those “this is what you should be doing son” litanies.

It provides perspective to all my plans. I guess 80 years of experience can teach a lot to a 50 year old like me. It paints a clearer path to my eventual arrival at your place now.

Forgive my sentimentality. It just came out of nowhere.

No, there is nothing that happened and yes you are in good health though not in the peak of it.

I just had this burden in my heart to say these words before time slips by and I regret never having said these to you.

I regret never having said it to Mama before she passed away. I regret never knowing if I ever made her proud at anytime in her life.

Time has this character that allows wisdom but most times too late to act on it, so I am teaching myself to act on the wisdom now before the time is gone.

So thank you for being my father. Thank you for the unconditional love you have given me all my life. Thank you for my life. Thank you for my career, my name, my reputation and the character you instilled in me.

I am not perfect and I continue to work on myself holding on to the Word of our Lord that in the end all will be well, and if it is not well then it is not yet the end.

Be well my father and know that despite all, your children love, respect and appreciate everything you have sacrificed for us.

And that even if we worked hard to get where we are, it was you and Mama who pushed us there and all credit goes to you after our Lord God.

God bless you Papa. Our love goes to you everyday.

With all our love,

Your craziest eldest son

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Dear Ai-Ai

I love you!!! I really do!!!

You strike me as the kind of person who make people happy by insulting the life out of them!!!

Your form of comedy reminds me of a childhood favorite, The Three Stooges. You know, the kind where someone needs to get hurt to get a laugh???

Your comments on national issues are so profound even a five year old would be confounded by the leaps of logic you espouse on national TV.

So, yes, when I read in the news that you intend to run for public office this wonderful Saturday morning, I choked on my eggs and had to be given a “hind lick maneuver,” as you would probably call it, to survive!!!

I have to say this, though, your gumption, courage and aggressiveness is to be looked up on by every ill-meaning politiko who wishes the best for us in public and then guffaws like a carrion eating animal in private when they win.

Your sincere intentions are the bane of every starving Filipino citizen but the pride of every attention hungry has-been artista who can’t even finish a logical sentence but earns millions out of the ignorance of the very fans they wish to scam into voting them into power.

Think of it! Don’t we have enough power hungry, corrupt, graft ridden, insincere, thieving, lying politikos in the august halls of public service that you want to join them?

I mean, maybe we can have better use of your genius in entertaining the public by screaming your lungs out, half naked around the slums of Manila portraying a typical palengkera for the whole world to see and judge us by!!!

So, why don’t you, Kris Aquino, Boy Abunda (I think) and all the other artistas who plan to join the May 2016 Comedy Championship just can it and give us all a break.

Your inane and insane comedy serves a better purpose. It makes us forget our problems by being stupid for a couple of hours and we have you all to thank for that.

So please, stay where you are best needed, do what you do best, excel in your profession and career. Leave politics to the many professional thieves and liars who populate government buildings.

We have so much incompetent public servants already to add politically challenged artistas in the mix.

In fact, we actually have quite a number of politically and legally challenged entertainers in politics that every live coverage is now a certified blockbuster pre-empting the previously popular telenovelas.

So please, for the sake of your career and national sanity, keep at the comedy, we appreciate you there so much better.

At least better than Kris. Aquino!!!

Chokingly yours,

A LMFAOOL citizen

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